What are Ovarian Drilling ?

Ovaries with a thick outer layer are typically found in women with PCOS, to produce more testosterone. Acne, excess body hair, and irregular menstruation cycles are side effects of high testosterone levels.

Ovarian drilling reduces the quantity of testosterone produced by the ovaries by cutting through the thick outer layer. The ovaries may be able to release an egg and initiate regular monthly menstruation cycles as a result. It might be simpler to conceive as a result.

For ovarian drilling, a procedure known as laparoscopy is done. A tiny surgical incision (laparoscope) is used to insert a narrow, illuminated telescope near the belly button. The ovaries are visible through a small camera. Through additional tiny incisions in the lower belly, the surgeon inserts instruments and creates extremely small holes in the ovaries. This reduces the quantity of testosterone the ovaries produce.