Neonatology & Pediatric

The Neonatology and Pediatric clinic at DYU Women and Childcare is one of its kind state of art place with India's first point of care Ultrasound clinic DYU women and childcare is the most advanced Pediatric and Neonatology center with sevices like High risk Neonatol consultation well baby clinic. Pediatric consultation vaccination growth and development assessment, child development center, baby spa hydrotherapy, aqua therapy. DYU women and childcare center is well equipped with most advanced infrasturcture with USFDA approved equipments. It is the only center with non-invasive, jaundice measurment. We have non-invasive hemoglobin estimation. We give complete care of Babies(pre-term baby, term baby, high-risk baby). Our center gives complete family care ranging from Fetal to Infant to childhood to adultance and adulthood. We give complete solution for all Men related and Women related problems.

At DYU Womwen and child care pediatric consultation includes routine check up child, child with common ill-ness like common cold, seasonal ill-ness, fever and other medical problems. Pediatric care at DYU is well-supported with adavced UFSD approved world class Lab Equipments and diagnosis.

AT DYU Women and childcare pediatric vaccination is done with atmost safety. All the vaccine are stored at DYU Women and child care in WHO approved refrigerator's. This will ensure high quality of cold chain of vaccines, the quality and potency of vaccine is maintained as per the WHO Standards. This ensures value for your money for the vaccination, efficiency of the vaccines, safety of the vaccine and complete potency of the vaccines.

At DYU women and childcare high risk neonetal clinic has wolrd class ultasound machine which will help in monitoring high risk babies such has extremely pre-mature babies, pre-term babies, late pre-term babies and term babeis with issues arising from birth. With point of care ultrasound all high risk babies can be monitored by neurosonogram(brain scan) ultrasound abdomen, hip scan, spain scan, heart scan(eco) can be done. This will ensure continued care of high risk babies, post discharged from NICU. With this the growth and development of high risk neonates are completely monitored.

All high-risk NICU graduates would required completed developmental care. We at DYU Women and Childcare offers complete solution for all child development related problems like sensory development, gross motor development, fine motor development, personal social development and language development. We also cater child with disabilities like autism, EDHT, Speech delay, learning disablility, IQ assessment, psychological assessment, developmental assessment.