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Children With Disability


Are you looking for a better atmosphere of care & comfort for you and your special little ones???

Yes you have clicked it right! Littlebaby paediatric clinic is your Destination!

Littlebaby paediatric clinic and child development centre is here to hold your hands to beat all the challenges that comes your way of caring the child with disability

"The priorities of parents and of a child with disabilites is our ultimate aim."

So,we here at our child development centre completely focuses on the motor, psychological, behavioural and social aspects of child development and help parents celebrate all the small victories of their special child. We believe in the collaborative delivery of the treatment where we give equal impotance and value to the parents of special children who really become physically and mentally exhausted caring for their child with disability.We do care about the parents health as they are in equal need of care as their special ones do.So our team with expertise are here to help them out to give them information on various relaxation methods,teach them skills to prioritize their work and take care of their general health too.

“Our team believes that the success of any intervention programme should be measured not only by child’s growth and development but by increased family comfort.”

Our healthy intervention atmosphere is here to provide you and your little ones, all this under one roof.

Our child development programme offers motor ,psychological and cognitive skill training in a collaborative and interactive style where our therapists believe parents as a adult learner and one of their team member.

This style of intervention offers both child and parents:

  • Opportunities to discover what they want to achieve
  • Opportunities to recognize their baseline abilities which they already know and can do
  • Equal participation in the selection and use of methods
  • Participation in the evaluation process
  • It also helps to boost up their confidence and help their child giving emotional support.
  • Such programme enhances parent child interaction and bonding between them which helps child with disability feel of value.

We believe together we can celebrate the small and large achievements of these differently abled ones.Contact us today @+ 080 4865 5556Your single step towards us may help your child take many steps towards you.