Baby Spa

The phrase "baby spa" must no longer be new to mothers. Baby spa services have been more popular recently, especially in urban areas. Simply have a look at the social media profiles of young mothers to see how many pictures they post of their child taking use of spa services, whether it's a massage or water therapy. Numerous activities are available at baby spas for both babies and mothers. But is baby spa actually good for the kids, or is it just a trend?

Spa activities have evolved to incorporate other treatments as well, like body massages, in addition to bath treatments. These days, babies and kids can even enjoy spa treatments alongside grownups. Spa treatments for kids should ideally be performed under the direction of a licenced therapist.

Hydrotherapy and baby massage are the two main sorts of activities found in baby spas and are available at DYU Woman and Childcare.


Hydrotherapy is a type of water therapy in which children swim in a pool while wearing a baby buoy neck. They can then freely move their arms and legs, like when they were in the womb. According to experts, when children kick in the water, the water waves stimulate them to train their balance and coordination skills.

Additionally, hydrotherapy will encourage kids' arm and leg muscles to grow stronger. A study conducted in Finland found that infants who receive hydrotherapy can learn to walk more quickly than those who don't because the formers have their leg muscles much more developed.

Children who receive water therapy also become more relaxed, eat more, and sleep better. According to a German study, infants who swim frequently have stronger motor, social, and cognitive skills.

Baby Massage

Children can also receive baby massage treatment in addition to hydrotherapy, which is known to have the following advantages:

Developed body weight

A study by Field TM found that premature babies who receive massages experience daily weight gains that are up to 47% more than those of babies who don't receive any stimulation. The vagus nerve system's enhanced activity and the stomach's motility, which results in a more effective absorption of nutrients, can be influenced by baby massage.

Enhanced sleeping habits

A massage can help a baby unwind, stop crying easily, and go to sleep quickly. According to a study on premature new-borns who receive massages up until the age of 8 months, the massages enhance their quality of sleep and lessen the number of times they wake up in the middle of the night.

Enforce the Bonds

The hormone oxytocin, which can elicit sentiments of happiness and love, is stimulated by baby massage. By demonstrating affection through touching and skin ship, baby massage can help deepen the relationships that exist between parents and their children.

As a result, the baby spa can be said to have a variety of benefits, including helping children relax, increasing their appetite, and strengthening the bonds between parents and children. Allow your children to use the baby spa on occasion. However, Moms, make certain that the therapy is carried out under the supervision of an experienced therapist.

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