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What Is Infertility?

Fertility is the natural state where male and female reproductive organs collaborate performing unprotected sex to conceive children. However, statistics show that natural fertility is often hindered for millions of couples globally, trying to conceive for atleast a year. This occurs due to certain health conditions that negatively affect the male and female reproductive organs of the couples trying to get pregnant.

Causes Of Infertility

Both males and females have equal contributions to infertility.The male reproductive systems suffer infertility due to the factors that are evaluated by the semen analysis. This analysis considers ranges of assessment of the conditions such as:

  • Difficulty in ejaculating semen.
  • Low sperm concentration or complete absence of sperm
  • Unusual motility or morphology (structure) of the sperm.

The female reproductive system suffer infertility caused by a range of atypical condition of the

  • Uterus- Fibroids/Polyp/Adenomyosis etc.
  • Ovaries- PCOD, Low egg reserve, etc.
  • Endocrine system Imbalanced hormones/ FSH/LH/TSH/PRL etc.
  • Fallopian tubes- Blockage
Primary And Secondary Infertility

Infertility includes causes that can be primary or secondary.

  • Primary infertility occurs mostly due to abnormal ovulation (the monthly release of the ovarian eggs) resulted due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In such conditions, the ovary restraints the release of eggs completely or during some of the cycles reducing the chances of pregnancy.
  • Secondary infertility occurs due to complications inflicted by prior surgery or pregnancy, increased age, excess weight, sexually transmitted ailments, medications, diminished sperm production, and substance abuse (smoking and drinking, etc.) in men and women.